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New Year Offer !

Save £250 on Co-op Funeral Plans

Arrange a Co-op Funeral Plan in January, February or March and we will give you a double discount.

How does the special offer work?

Co-op members (1) buying a Funeral Plan through us get a discount of £125. We will match that discount and give you a cashback of £125 (2)when you purchase a Funeral Plan in January, February or March. This means you save £250 (3) on the price of our Co-op Funeral Plans.

Read on for more details about Co-op Funeral Plans, the service offered by Morecambe Bay Wills and Estates Limited, prices and ways to pay.

(1) If you aren’t a Co-op member, you can become one instantly online for £1, and earn Co-op rewards too! (2) We will pay your cashback once you have made your first plan payment. (3) £250 savings applies to Bronze, Silver and Gold plans. Simple funeral plans offer a Co-op members’ discount of £75. We will match this with a cashback of £75, so your total saving is £150.

Why do I need a Funeral Plan?

To protect yourself and your family from rising funeral costs, and ensure your wishes are known and followed.

Did you know that 80% of people haven’t saved anything towards their funeral? We’ve seen a rise in the cost of funerals and also a rise in unfortunate families having to resort to fundraising to cover the costs of a funeral for a loved one who hadn’t made plans or set aside funds.

The average cost of a funeral today is over £4000 and has almost doubled in the last decade. A recent government review decided that, for now, they are not going to introduce any price capping – meaning prices could potentially double again in the next 10 years.

With low interest rates, funeral “savings plans” and life insurance may not keep up with this rate of increase and may not cover your funeral costs.

You can fix your plans and costs now with a pre-paid Funeral Plan – giving peace of mind and reassurance for your family in the future. By detailing your wishes, you will also leave less decisions for your family to make at this difficult time.

How can Morecambe Bay Wills help?

Having a Will in place, planning for inheritance tax, registering Lasting Powers of Attorney and making a financial plan to cover the cost of your funeral are all parts of your overall estate plan. 

To help you with this, we  can offer you a pre-paid funeral plan service exclusively with Co-op Funeralcare. You can make decisions around the type of service you want, where and when it would be held, and the number of cars provided for your family. 

Once your plan is in place, you can also specify details of what readings and music you might like to have, and any charities you wish to be supported. You can change these decisions at any point, and your family can choose to make changes at the time of your funeral if required.

Our plans are available at the same prices you pay if you buy them directly from Co-op Funeralcare. We simply make it easier for you by helping you with this alongside our other services in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We complete and submit the forms for you, leaving you to simply pay according to your choice of payment method.

Why Co-op FuneralCare?

We choose to work only with Co-op FuneralCare because:

  • They are the UK’s largest Funeral Plan provider and have a very wide network across the UK.
  • The funeral plan industry isn’t regulated, but the Co-op are members of the Funeral Planning Authority.
  • They are the only company to offer a guarantee to cover the FULL cost of your funeral.
  • The “Co-op Commitment”.  If you pay over 2+ years, once you have made 12 months’ payments there is nothing else to pay if you die before the plan is paid in full.
  • They have won more awards and 5-star Defaqto ratings than all other providers.

You can read all about funeral plans from Co-op FuneralCare here.

Are all Funeral Plans the same?


The funeral plan industry has many suppliers. You can see a comparison of the offers from the main companies here.

The main difference with Co-op Funeral Plans is their guarantee to pay third party costs in full.  Some companies offer only a fixed contribution to some of the costs – such as cremation or burial fees – leaving a potential shortfall for your family to cover when the time comes.

I recently visited a lady who had lost her father a few months previously. He had a Funeral Plan in place to make sure his wishes were known and had pre-paid for the cremation and services. He had purchased this over 10 years ago as he wanted to ensure that his family were not financially affected.

When the lady visited the funeral directors, she was told that the plan purchased only covered £500 towards the cost of the cremation – which would cost, at today’s prices, £1200. So, she was still left with a bill to pay – something her father was trying to avoid!

With the Co-op plan, this would never have happened.  The price you pay covers everything you need, including doctor’s fees which are not covered by any other provider.

What do the Co-op Plans cost and how can I pay?

There are four different Co-op plans to choose from:

  • Simple Plan – £3295 or from £20.85/pm
  • Bronze Plan – £3595 or from £22.75/pm
  • Silver Plan – £3950 or from £24.99/pm
  • Gold Plan – £4199 or from £26.57/pm

Prices shown are BEFORE discount. You can find details of what is included in each plan in our Information Guide.

You can pay in three ways:

  • A one-off payment
  • Interest-free over 12 months
  • Monthly payments over 2- 25 years *

* We will give you a personal quotation when you have decided which is the right plan for you and over how long you would like to pay.

We would love to help you make plans to protect your family. 

Contact us on 01524 571032 or message us via our website or Facebook pages for an initial, friendly discussion.