How do I make a Lasting Power of Attorney

How do I make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

How do I make a Lasting Power of Attorney? Continuing our series on Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). Here we talk about:

ℹ️ How LPAs are prepared and registered

ℹ️ How much it costs

ℹ️ Who can complete the documents

ℹ️ How Morecambe Bay Wills can help you

LPAs need to be completed in a standard format and sent to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) for registration.  They will check the forms are correctly completed and signed, register the LPA and then send a formal certified version to you.  The process takes between 4-8 weeks as they must ensure that anyone who want to raise a concern has the time to do so.  

There are two types of LPAs – Property and Financial Affairs and one for Health & Welfare decisions.  The OPG registration fee for each LPA is £82.   There are reduced fees for those on low incomes.

It is necessary to have someone confirm that you have the capacity to make the decisions you are making, and this cannot be a family member, It is important to consider completing LPAs while you still have the capacity to do so, because leaving it until later will a professional or legal confirmation.

The documents/forms can be prepared by a solicitor. This can be expensive – many solicitors charge several hundred pounds per LPA, in addition to the OPG registration fee. 

You can complete the process yourself. This means completing the OPG online application, finding someone to confirm your capacity, printing the forms and arranging signatures (in the right order!) before returning them to the OPG for registration.  However, many people find this a complex process and there are thousands of unfinished applications in the OPG system.  Additionally, if you make a mistake you need to start the whole process over and pay the fees again.

Morecambe Bay Wills offer a cost-effective alternative service which includes:

– Providing information about the decisions you need to make

– Visiting you at home to discuss this and answer questions

– Confirming your capacity to make these decisions

– Drafting forms for you to review and preparing final versions

– Obtaining required signatures via visits or registered post

– Submitting completed LPAs to the OPG on your behalf

– Responding to, and resolving, any OPG queries

– Giving you progress updates until certified LPAs are received

– Providing (optional) safe storage for your documents

Our service costs £150 for both LPAs, £250 for a couple, in addition to the OPG registration fees. We offer further discounts for those on low incomes, those who are facing an early cancer or dementia diagnosis, and our existing Wills customers. We also guarantee that if there are any mistakes identified by the OPG, we will cover the re-submission costs.

Don’t leave making an LPA for the future.  Contact us now to arrange an initial discussion.  You can also find more information about LPAs on our website here