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Protection … can you afford not to?

Is your family protected?

When we sit down to chat with you we ask “Is your family protected?” As we talk about Wills we concentrate on protecting your family when you’re no longer here. We talk about talk about getting help with financial decisions if you’re not able to. when we discuss Lasting Powers of Attorney. But have you thought about how your family would manage financially if either of these things happened?

Phillip Greenhow from our local financial advisory partners Bridges & Co talks here more about the importance of this part of financial planning …

Regular financial advice …

What’s the most common benefit of taking regular financial advice? Capital growth? Cheaper mortgage payments? Being able to fulfil your lifelong plans in retirement? From the conversations I have with my clients, it is none of these benefits. The most common benefit is simply, “peace of mind”.

Being able to reduce your mortgage payments every month is a fantastic benefit, so too is making your savings grow and being able to fulfil your retirement dreams.

Of course, none of these benefits can be achieved if you’re unable to work over the long-term due to an accident or an illness. The cornerstone to taking regular financial advice should be to protect your biggest asset: you.

According to a 2017 Survey of 3,000 working adults, Royal London found that only 37% had any form of Life Insurance. Even more worrying, only 6% confirmed to having adequate income protection insurance.

Most people think nothing of insuring their pets, cars, jewellery and home. Even mobile phones. Yet neglect to insure the income which pays for everything else.

A holistic approach …

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into focus, more than ever, the need to protect our families, our livelihoods, our lifestyles and to secure some “peace of mind”.

People often seek the advice of a Financial Adviser for a specific need and it can be very tempting for an Adviser to concentrate solely on this need, to obtain only that product or service for the client. However, at Bridges and Co I truly believe in offering a holistic advice approach, carrying out a thorough financial review to identify any shortfalls in the cornerstone of your financial planning – protecting you and your family.

Once you, your family and your lifestyle are protected, we can concentrate on achieving your long-term aspirations, goals and dreams with a “peace of mind” for the future.  

What next?

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