Signing documents correctly

Signing documents correctly LPA Wills Signing Lancaster

Signing documents correctly, and all in the right order, is critical to make sure they are valid.

I’m getting ready for a couple to sign their Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) tomorrow. 

There are around 65 signatures to collect, all in the right order … 😮. That includes the couple themselves, all their attorneys, and their witnesses.  It’s a lot to make sure you get right.

If you don’t correctly sign and witness a Will it will be invalid! An invalid Will means you would die intestate and your wishes may not be followed. Making sure the testator and witnesses get it right is key to making sure your Will does what you intended it to do.

If you get it wrong for LPAs, particularly if you sign in the wrong order, the Office of the Public Guardian will reject your documents.  That means you have to start from scratch – and pay the £82 registration fee again! Making sure the donor, certificate provider and attorneys all sign in the right order, and checking all the information provided, makes sure it is not rejected…

Signing documents correctly, and all in the right order is critical. That’s what we do for you. Our guarantee is to make sure its right first time … or we pay the second LPA fee!

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